SRP/SRM Full Day Workshop

First of all, thank you for an excellent and enjoyable day. With 40 years in law enforcement, disaster, and safety work, I have been through literally thousands of hours of in-service and CE courses over the years.

Yours ranks in the top ten of any I have ever participated in. It was informative, moved fast, had good visuals, and spoke "to" the audience, and not "at" the audience.

Robert H.- Garland, Texas | February 2018



SRP/SRM Full Day Workshop

An Advanced Introduction to the Standard Response Protocol and the Standard Reunification Method

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SRM V2 - Operational Guidance

Reunification guidance for schools, districts, departments and agencies.

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SRP-K12 Operational Guidance

Guidance for schools, districts, departments and agencies. This is a general guide on incorporating and operating the Standard Response Protocol within a school safety plan.

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Tactics are
Intel Driven

What we plan is based on what we know.


But The Environment
Dictates Tactics.

What we do, is based on where we are.


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The Winter Briefings

February 7-8, 2019

Because July doesn't work well for everyone, we are holding a shorter version of The Briefings in the Winter.

This 2-day symposium will open on Thursday, Feb. 7 with a day of keynote presentations by nationally-recognized school safety practitioners. This is followed by a full-day Standard Response Protocol and Standard Reunification Method (SRP and SRM) workshop on Friday, Feb. 8. The expected outcome is that participants will have the ability to perform classroom training in the Standard Response Protocol, implement the program, train other trainers, and handle advanced questions.
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The Briefings

A National School Safety Symposium

July 7-10, 2019


This 3.5 day Symposium examines lessons learned from traumatic events and reveals new, preemptive school safety measures growing in multiple realms. The Symposium is designed to provide a number of takeaways that districts, departments and agencies can implement immediately. This is not open to the public, and attendees will be asked to show an agency or organization I.D. upon check-in.


Law enforcement, school personnel, victim advocates, mental health professionals, emergency and risk management staff, school safety teams and all first responders.


Presenters include school administrators, law enforcement, criminal justice and school security administrators who have been involved in the response and recovery to school violence and other events.

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