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Response is.

About The Standard Distribution Method

The Standard Distribution Method - BETA2


During an emergency when the school is closed unexpectedly, there is still an obligation of the school or district to provide meals to some of their student populations. There may also be the need to periodically distribute materials associated with distance learning.

While there are several resources available on the need for these services, there are few resources describing the mechanics of the process.

Wait a Minute, We’re Just Handing Out Meals...

Right. That tricky word “Just” reared its head. “Point of Distribution” is a solid concept in Emergency Management. In the case of meal or material distribution it’s important to create buffer zones or air gaps between the various tasks, facilities and people. The purpose of this document is to provide some guidance to schools and districts to efficiently distribute meals, materials, or even medication during a crisis.

Tactics are
Intel Driven

What we plan is based on what we know.


But The Environment
Dictates Tactics.

What we do, is based on where we are.


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Standard Distribution Method

Distribution guidance for schools, districts, departments and agencies.

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About the Materials

Downloadable versions of all materials are made available at no cost.
This is a beta. It is not perfect. There may be mistakes. (Probably are.)
But, it’s a start. If you see something that can be improved, please let us know.
Take a look at SDM-BETA2.

New video and materials scheduled for release on April 14th. Improved physical distancing, team selection and screening, prep in shifts, and more.

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Standard Distribution Method Video BETA2

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Standard Distribution Method Video

This video is intended to provide a brief overview of the Standard Distribution Method.


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